A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Short plot summary 

Who will win? Will you, the Pocket Queen, triumph over the King of Handbags and Luggage?

Play as Cara Brennan (renamable), a fashion designer, who captivates the hearts of women worldwide with pocket equality. She’s hell bent on revenge on the puny pocket sizes, or non-existent pocket sizes on women’s clothing. Her “no handbag” vow is under the spotlight. 

Harry Taylor, the president of Handbags & Luggage of the Jucci fashion empire, is bewildered by Cara’s rejection of his pride and joy. He’s both threatened and impressed. Can he win her over?

How will you handle the quiet, private, Harry Taylor?

If you fancy a modern, safe for work, romance game with a strong female lead and a dapper love interest, then look no further. And enjoy!

Game features

  • Romance options: 1 love interest
  • Endings: Three (3) – Good, Neutral, Bad
  • Voice acting: English, male love interest fully voiced
  • Illustrations: you can unlock as you play
  • Music: Original soundtrack, by Blair Devereaux, Megan Carnes
  • Word count: 32k

Trigger warnings / Sensitive content:

  • Minor Character Death
  • Light mention of physical impairment
  • Depression

Pocket Love credits

Original concept, Writer

Directed and Produced by


Background Artists

Character Sprite Artist

  • Shie

Chibi Computer Graphic (CG) artist

Computer Graphic (CG) artist 

  • Roka

Graphical User Interface GUI Design, Lead Programmer

Script Programmer

Logo design

Voice Actor

  • Harry Taylor, voiced by Callum Garner (CCC)




  • Sewing Like A Machine
  • Threading The Needle
  • Your Bobbin Is In Backwards
  • Let’s Mend Some Rifts And Tears Together
  • Some Seams Never Hold
  • Unwinding The Spool 
  • Pockets On The Runway

 Most music by Blair Devereaux. 

 Track “Let’s Mend Some Rifts and Tears Together” by Megan Carnes.

 Soundtrack available for download at https://blairdevx.bandcamp.com/album/pocket-love-a-soundtrack

Pocket Love 2.0 has fixed typo's and optimised neutral ending. 

Thanks for looking!

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(18 total ratings)
AuthorsLila, ShyDen, TsunamiJuria
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
Tags2D, Cute, Dating Sim, Female Protagonist, Indie, Meaningful Choices, Narrative, Otome, Romance, Voice Acting
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


PocketLove-Jam-1.0-market.zip 222 MB
PocketLove-2.0-market.zip 268 MB

Development log


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Special thanks to Luli, aka Peach for streaming Pocket Love!  Our game coverage is 1:06:04 until 2:11:45, approx 1 hr and 5 min of streamed game. Hooray!  Please support Peach and her followers.  Resting Peach Face - avid supporter of Otome Indie Dev's

What a cute visual novel! The MC is definitely somebody I can relate to very much as we both have passionate feelings about #PocketEquality. xD The love interest is also such a bean and very lovable, in no small part to the wonderful VA for him. The music is also super catchy. Would definitely recommend!

(This review is based off my first hour with the game that I played for my YouTube channel for anyone who'd like to check it out. ^_^) 

Hi Molly,

What an honour to be part of your "Let's take a gander at [Pocket Love]" series. I loved hearing your reaction to the sound track at the fashion catwalk scene. Pockets On The Runway is my favourite track too! I'm pleased you found the MC relatable, Harry lovable with voice acting and the catchy music.  Thanks for your time and recommendation! 

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Such an interesting Visual Novel, I would never, in all my life would have come with the idea of a game about a girl obsessed with pockets falling in love with the CEO of a bag company, such a dramatic and cinematic tale, would totally watch a rom-com show about this.

Things I really liked about this game: The music, it has a wide variety of it and it fits most of the situations quite nicely, specially that fashion parade theme! I am literally listening to it while writing this. I also enjoyed the multitude of choices we get to make during the story, I am not quite sure if all of them matter but it feels nice to have a saying in what happens.

The art is nice, and I can really appreciate animated portraits and of course the cute chibi CGs!

The story even though it's mostly fun jokes and problem solving, has some really meaningful moments that I am not gonna spoil here but they are nice for a change of pace.

In the not so bright side, I felt the story dragged too long in some parts, and the (In my opinion) over description of some situations didn't help, is not too bad, and maybe it felt worse because I was speaking the lines out loud, and I usually play with a time limit but is definitely something to keep in mind.

Also I would have loved to see a portrait/sprite of the mother or Priya since they are quite relevant characters.

Overall I think this is a VN definitely worth looking into if you like to have fun or just read interesting original stories.

Keep the good work!


Hi Moriko, thank you for doing a full playthrough. Wow, that was epic! I hope your voice is okay nearly 3 hours later. I appreciate your dedication reading the lines. I'm happy you liked the art - the computer graphics cut scene, the chibi's, the logo, as well as the choices, the music. Thanks for noticing the animation with blinking, my programmer will be delighted! Thanks for your feedback, I do hope to keep getting better with writing, sorry to hear some parts dragged for you. I hope to tighten up the writing for future.  I'd love to have sprites for the main character's mother and Priya, unfortunately Otome Jam was only 2 months long and we ran out of time. I'm chuffed you noticed how key those supporting characters were. Here's the link to the fashion catwalk soundtrack you liked: https://blairdevx.bandcamp.com/track/pockets-on-the-runway


Full disclosure, I'm biased as I took part in the making of this game, but I hadn't fully gone through the game myself until now. I have to say, I'm quite surprised by how much content you managed to make in such a limited time! And full voice acting for Harry?! Absolutely astounding!

The story was very nice as well and I can relate to Cara's struggle. Each character has very distinct personalities and I like that!

I can only hope more people will get a chance to play this game <3

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Hi Flor, I appreciate your full disclosure, as it does feel like we're marking our own homework :).

My vision as Director was always "divide and conquer" given the Otome Jam was only 2 months long, where I'd hoped the whole would be greater than the sum of its parts. Full voice acting for Harry was always the dream for me, which Callum brought to reality.

Your role as Chibi computer graphics artist played a huge part in scene setting for main character and Harry as enemies early game. Plus your art constitutes the cutest chibi's this world has ever seen!  Now who's being biased!  Ha ha ha.

I also hope more people become aware of this game. If we can bring a smile to someone's face, or better still, make them laugh, then our job is done! :)


I love it. The plot, characters, those chibiiis! My my. I stayed for the tracklist too. Its good to hear. I also like it because there's a va on it

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Hi, glad you loved it!  Wonderful to hear!  May I be cheeky and see whether you have time to Rate and Review the game?  Thanks for your awesome feedback.  :)